With the temperatures climbing and the state officially reopened, more and more people are out on the streets of Southern California. That can also mean more illegal activity.

Street racing is an issue throughout the area. Earlier this month, a young mother of four and her Lyft driver, who was also a beloved soccer coach, were killed in a fiery crash in Palmdale. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) believes the driver who caused the crash was street racing. 

Both victims died at the scene. The driver reportedly jumped into another vehicle and fled. At last report, that driver hadn’t been identified or located.

An LASD detective says, “We have had an increase in street racing issues in the area. We do have deputies that are out nightly that are trying to make an impact on the car clubs.”


Down in Newport Beach, a different kind of street racing has become a problem. It often involves luxury vehicles like Lamborghinis. It can start with something simple like two drivers nodding to one another at a stoplight.

Residents have made their concerns about the danger as well as the noise on some of the city’s busiest streets. As one city council member says, “Everyone there is subjected to this all day and night.”

The Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD)says it’s been cracking down on traffic violations since March and plans to continue these operations through the summer. In one operation in May, officers stopped over 450 cars for violations such as exhaust modifications. Four drivers were cited for speeding as fast as 100+ miles per hour.

The NBPD’s traffic commander places part of the blame on people coming into Newport Beach and other coastal communities from other cities. Like the LASD, the NBPD is also reaching out to car clubs to help deal with the problem.

All too often, innocent drivers can find themselves trapped in the middle of a street race or the victims of a speeding car that can’t stop or has gone out of control. Aside from any traffic citations and/or criminal charges the guilty driver might face, you have the right to hold them civilly liable if necessary to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.