Safely towing a trailer with your vehicle

Trailers can come in handy. Maybe you used one to help one of your kids move their belongings into a college dorm. If you are bound for a leisurely getaway, you probably piled your luggage into one. Whatever the reason, loading up a trailer can be convenient for transporting your gear.

There are drawbacks, however. People may not realize that driving a vehicle with a trailer means taking special precautions before you get on the road and while you are driving.  You always have to be aware of that trailer and operate your vehicle accordingly. According to one expert, “Towing a trailer…requires practice, skill, and an even greater degree of driver attention than what most people are used to.â€

If you never towed a trailer before, don’t do it casually. Take time to familiarize yourself with appropriate safety procedures to keep yourself and other drivers safe.