Below is a list of recent financial results from settlements or court verdicts for some of our clients.

$2.4 Million Dollar Claim Recovery Insurance Bad Faith, Breach of Contract, Unfair Business Practices, Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Fire Damage

Commercial property was burned as a result of the 2018 Malibu Woolsey Fire. Insurance company failed to pay the benefits owed to the property owner including dwelling, contents, and debris removal for approximately 8 months after the loss. KLF’s Nareg S. Kitsinian, Esq. was retained to engage with the insurance company who had set an Examination Under Oath of the property’s owner with regard to the damages claimed. After successfully defending the homeowner and preparing a case for insurance bad faith, breach of contract, unfair business practices and breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing, Mr. Kitsinian was able to secure a payment of $2,400,000 million dollars.

$2.2 Million Dollar Settlement
Water & Fire Damage, Insurance Bad Faith, Breach of Contract, Unfair Business Practices, Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Plaintiff homeowners experienced water and fire damage from the 2017 Thomas Wildfires in Ventura County. During the first evening of the fires, the power utility was compromised and the home experienced several power surges. As a result of the power surges, an appliance caught fire in the home. This fire caused the fire sprinklers in the home to activate, resulting in extensive water damage to the home. After Plaintiffs reported the property damage claim to Defendant, their insurance company, Defendant refused to pay the benefits owed to Plaintiff pursuant to the insurance policy. KLF’s Nareg Kitsinian, Esq. filed a complaint for Insurance Bad Faith, Breach of Contract, Breach of the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, and Unfair Business Practices against the insurance carrier. Mr. Kitsinian’s persistent determination to resolve this matter resulted in a settlement of over $2,200,000 million dollars.

$785,000 Jury Verdict
Employment Discrimination

Plaintiff worked as an hourly employee at a custom car shop. There, he was continuously discriminated against due to his gender and nationality. Plaintiff was also denied his fair wages. KLF was brought in to try the case along with co-counsel attorneys. After a three-week trial, the jury delivered a verdict of $785,967.44.

$300,000 Settlement
Water Damage

Commercial property owner suffered extensive business and property losses when an indoor water filter on the second floor exploded due to non use and pressure build up resulting in water flowing form the second floor to the first floor for over a day throughout the commercial buildings 15,000 square foot facility. The Kitsinian Law Firm was retained to handle the claims management and oversee the emergency services and property restoration. After several months of negotiations, the Kitsinian Law Firm was able to successful obtain $300,000 settlement.

$300,000 Settlement
Work Place Injury, OSHA Violations,

Plaintiff, a construction worker, was recruited by unlicensed and uninsured contractors, who were employed by Defendants, the home owners. Plaintiff was given a table saw that lacked the required safety guards to cut material. Because of the dangerous tool, Plaintiff suffered an injury to his finger, which resulted in amputation to his finger. Defendants were liable for employing unlicensed contractors who hired Plaintiff and provided tools that were in violation to OSHA safety regulations. KLF was able to assist Plaintiff by assuring he received the required medical treatment and a monetary settlement of $300,000.

$150,000 Settlement
Slip and fall, Premises liability, Dangerous Property

Plaintiff, a guest of a tenant residing in Defendant’s Apartment Building, fell and experienced a fractured ankle due to a dangerously designed staircase and lack of lighting above the dangerous staircase. Defendant, the property owner, failed to ensure that visitors of the Apartment Building were not subject to any unreasonable harm and did not provide of any warnings in the surrounding premises. Due to Defendant’s negligence to exercise due care in maintenance of property, Plaintiff suffered physical injuries and a nonunion of his ankle that required surgery. KLF helped Plaintiff obtain the surgery needed. Thereafter, KLF was successful in obtaining a $150,000 settlement.

$150,000 Settlement
Fire Damage, Insurance Bad Faith, Breach of Contract, Unfair Claims Handling

Plaintiffs, property owners of premises that suffered harm, experienced damages from the Thomas Wildfires in Ventura County that occurred on or around December 4, 2017. The insurance company denied Plaintiffs’ claims and refused to pay any money. KLF successfully pursued claims of unfair claims handling, insurance bad faith and breach of contact against Defendant, and was able to obtain a $150,000 settlement.

$150,000 Settlement
Slip and fall, Premises liability

Plaintiff, a guest at a hotel, slipped and fell on the pool deck due to a slippery substance on the ground. Defendant, the property owner, provided insufficient illumination of the pool area, despite keeping it open in the evening hours. Due to Defendant’s failure to provide adequate illumination and maintenance of the property, Plaintiff was seriously injured fracturing her ankle. KLF’s determination successfully settled this disputed liability case for $150,000.

$150,000 Settlement
Fire Damage, Insurance Bad Faith, Breach of Contract, Unfair Claims Handling

Plaintiffs, owners of the property that was subject to harm, experienced severe damages from the Thomas Wildfires in Ventura County. KLF successfully filed a property damage claim against Defendant, for the damages that arose from the wildfires and the bad faith conducted by the insurance company and was able to obtain $150,000 in settlement.

$100,000 Settlement
Personal Injury, Auto Accident

KLF Client was the victim of a hit and run driver who ran a light through the intersection t-boning our client and running off. The Kitsinian Law Firm was retained to handle clients uninsured motorist claim and assist with clients sever back injuries. The Kitsinian Law Firm pursued the case pre litigation at first but filed for arbitration when the insurance company did not tender the $100,000 policy as the client had received three epidural injections as a result of her injuries. After filing for arbitration, the Kitsinian Law Firm was able to secure the entire policy amount after service the insurance company its final demand through a CCP 998 procedure.

$100,000 Settlement
Property Damage, Eminent Domain, Negligence

Plaintiffs, homeowners that resided at the premises that had sewer maintenance by Defendant, plumber, experienced raw sewage backed up from the sewer system that was created and maintained by the City of Los Angeles. The raw sewage intruded the residence, causing damages and a foul odor to the premises. Plaintiffs suffered from invasion of property rights and lost use of their home, which required them to reside elsewhere. Defendant failed to provide maintenance of a properly functioning sewer system, which resulted in serious property damages. KLF was able to vigorously investigate the case leading to a settlement of $100,000.

$100,000 Settlement
Personal injury, Car Accident

Plaintiff, a passenger of a vehicle driving northbound, was struck by Defendant, the driver of the vehicle making a left turn. Defendant made a sudden and unsafe left turn from the left-hand turning lane, giving Plaintiff no time for reaction that could have possibly avoided this collision. Defendant’s carelessness, negligence, and inattentiveness caused a vehicle collision. Plaintiff was subject to vehicle and bodily damage requiring three epidural injections. KLF ensured that Plaintiff received the proper medical treatment he was entitled to. After aggressively fighting with the insurance company for Plaintiffs injury claim, KLF successfully secured a settlement of $100,000.

Results Below $100,000 Not Listed