Wildfire Survivors Deserve Better Than Bad Faith

Experiencing a wildfire is the worst nightmare for millions of Californians. If you have survived a wildfire, you may have entered a new, living nightmare: enduring the loss or damage to your home while trying to get your insurance company to fulfill your claim.

We understand what you are going through. We at Kitsinian Law Firm, APC, are an acclaimed team of attorneys committed to helping clients with bad-faith insurance claim denials related to wildfires and holding those responsible for causing the fires. Serving clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area, we know how to get insurance providers to honor their policies and pay the settlement you deserve.

Recently, the Kitsinian Law Firm APC has secured multi-million dollar settlements for its wildfire clients who were victims of the Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, Ventura, and Los Angeles County against insurance companies that have refused to treat our clients fairly.

On November 8, 2020, the Woolsey Fire ignited in Southern California when electrical equipment of the defendant, Southern California Edison (SCE) started a fire that ravaged the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles. The Woolsey Fire forced over 300,000 residents to evacuate and destroyed over 1,500 structures causing Billions of dollars in damages. 

The Kitsinian Law Firm filed suit against SCE for its role in starting these fires that devastated entire communities. After years of litigation, we secured confidential settlements for our clients and helped them rebuild their lives. 


With a particularly bad spate of wildfires in the past few years, hundreds of thousands of Californians have found that their insurance providers deny claims unjustly. As a policyholder, you expect that your insurance provider will offer a settlement that covers all your damages.

However, insurance companies are multibillion-dollar corporations whose primary goal is to make money. They know that you feel traumatized and exhausted after a wildfire. They use this to their advantage, trusting that you will not challenge a denial of your claim, even if it is in bad faith.


When insurance companies learn that Kitsinian Law Firm, APC, has accepted your case, they know that they can no longer take advantage of you. With us on your side, we strive tirelessly to recover the full amount you need. If necessary, we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against your insurer so we can seek a favorable verdict in court.


Don’t let your insurance company shortchange you. Our lawyers are ready to provide the help you need and deserve. We offer completely free initial consultations at our office in Los Angeles. To schedule your consultation, call (818) 786-5777 or send us an email.