A California wildfire is a dangerous event that creates very real and dangerous health effects. How much smoke that a community or individual may experience depends on many different factors, including the fire’s fuel source, weather conditions, and wind direction. The fine particles that wildfire smoke puts into the air are the biggest health concern because they are inhaled and can get lodged deep inside the lungs.

Thanks to the dry conditions in the state of California, wildfires can explode in intensity very quickly. If possible, you should leave the immediate area. You should expect to breathe in some of the microscopic particles if you decide to stay in the area. Wildfire smoke health effects can vary. Here are some common ailments you could experience:

1. Headaches and nausea. This can happen from your body rejecting the dangerous mixture of gases created by the wildfire.

2. Difficulty breathing. When wildfire organic particles get lodged into your lungs, they can obstruct your body’s airway, making it difficult to breathe, especially if you inhale the smoke for an extended period of time.

3. Asthma. Wildfire smoke can cause bronchial tubes to tighten and close. Gas and smoke particles can cause an allergic reaction to many asthma sufferers.

Sore eyes, runny nose and coughing are also wildfire smoke health effects. Smoke can also cause more long-term health effects. Those who can be hurt most by it include pregnant women and young children, those with heart disease, and those dealing with lung cancer. In other words, the smoke is even more damaging to those who are already sick or dealing with medical conditions.

If you live in fire-prone areas, you should do everything you can to protect yourself from complications caused by wildfire smoke. Always pay close-attention to your surroundings. Purchase a device to clean the air in your home.

There’s no way around it – all of us who live in California have to deal with the effects of wildfires. But if you have experienced loss from a California wildfire and are having legal or insurance-related problems, you don’t have to go it alone. Nareg Kitsinian and his staff at the Kitsinian Law Firm can help you rebuild your life after a wildfire. Get in touch with us today.