scope and heart

Dialysis patients be aware. Some Dialysis patients have experienced sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack or even death shortly after receiving dialysis treatment. Many people are treated with Dialysis either because their kidneys are not operating effectively or other medical reasons may warrant it. Unfortunately those people being treated face serious risks of heart attack and death and they don’t even know it.

Recently one of the largest manufacturers of dialysis dyes – Fresenius Medical Care, recalled a compound called GranuFlo & Naturalyte because of the number of dangerous and fatal events related to its use. The problem is that some doctors were administering the product at levels too high for the human body to handle and that has led to over 1000 deaths.

When given in doses too high, Granuflo & Naturalyte causes high bicarbonate in the body. This is incredibly dangerous and studies show that high bicarbonate levels increase the risk of heart attack by six times more than normal.

Therefore, if you have suffered a heart attack shortly after a dialysis treatment or if you have lost a loved one after dialysis treatment, call (818) 471-4132 and speak to one of the lawyers at our firm. You can call our office and we can discuss your matter at no cost to you.