Hit By An Uninsured Or Underinsured Driver? We Are Here To Help

Unfortunately, car crash victims can run into roadblocks with obtaining compensation. You may have been injured in a car or truck accident caused by the other driver’s negligence. However, when you attempt to recover the compensation, you learn that the liable driver does not have adequate insurance coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist (UI/UIM) coverage is required in California, so if you have been involved in such a crash, you are not at a total loss. If your own insurance provides coverage in uninsured or underinsured motorist cases, you may be able to recover compensation. However, it can be difficult to receive the compensation you deserve in certain situations. A claim denial, devaluation, and delays are common responses from insurers when policyholders make UI/UIM claims. Our attorneys at Kitsinian Law Firm can change the outcome for the better.


As you reach out to your own insurer, you may assume that they will be on your side. However, if you seek to handle a UI/UIM claim on your own, you may discover that your insurance company is now your adversary. Do not expect representatives of the company to be straightforward with you about your rights.

At our personal injury firm, our lawyers aggressively pursue any and all options for car crash victims. We have years of experience in maximizing compensation in UI/UIM claims. We have earned a strong track record of favorable outcomes. No matter how difficult the case, we are here to help.


Our personal injury attorneys’ knowledge and experience maximizing UI/UIM claims can be assets in your case. Request a free consultation by calling our Van Nuys office at (818) 786-5777 or sending us an inquiry online. We are eager to hear from you and explain how we can help.