Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyer – How to Prove Your Case

You make it a point to be careful and cautious in everyday life. However, you may work in an environment that is filled with hazardous substances, in which case there are guidelines and procedures that each person in your workspace must follow to ensure that everyone is safe. Moreover, it is up to your superiors to ensure that all potential dangers have been spotted and remedies created to protect workers from them. While most employers understand their duty to protect the people who work for them, some do not. And if you have suffered burn injuries owing to the actions of another, you may be entitled to compensation.

Your first move after the accident should be to contact a burn injury attorney. The legal process of proving a burn injury is complex. Before you say anything to the people responsible for the accident, you should have the beginnings of a legal strategy mapped out. Once the law suit has been launched, the targeted corporation will send its army of lawyers against you. It is important to be prepared. Only an experienced burn injury attorney can provide you with the tough, intelligent, and effective strategy you need to win the case.

What Must Be Proved to Win a Burn Injury Lawsuit in California

You may be skeptical about your ability to actually win compensation for your burn injuries. You need not be so. The Los Angeles burn injury lawyers at Kitsinian Law have trained extensively in tort law, and we have gained years of experience in handling cases involving injuries. We will gather the facts, introduce forensic evidence, employ expert witnesses, and bring to bear the bits of law that are relevant to your case.

To win a burn injury lawsuit in California you must prove that you took all reasonable measures and precautions to avoid injury, that someone else’s actions resulted in the accident, and that the accident is what caused your injuries. You must also be prepared to name a specific dollar figure that you should receive because of what you have suffered.

The Relevant Facts

We first gather all documents related to the conditions, circumstances, and succession of events that led to the accident. We use these documents to put together a picture of who was doing what and where before the accident occurred. We also compile the evidence that shows the series of missteps on the part of others that led to the event.

Forensic Evidence

Your injury will have left trace evidence of some kind. No matter the kind of burn you suffered, elements of the actual substance that caused the injury will remain on your body. We also examine the space in which you were injured. Trace evidence that can prove the accident happened the way you say it did may still be there.

Expert Witnesses

We will also bring in expert medical and scientific witnesses who can use the gathered evidence to describe and explain how the accident happened. Such experts can also verify that the burns you suffered could have only been caused by a certain substance—the substance that you were working around or near.

Examples of Burn Injuries that are Subject to Lawsuits

The above example deals with workplace related burn injuries. However, you need not have been injured at work in order to sue for burn injuries. If you have suffered a burn injury as a result of any situation in which there was a high energy hazard that a responsible party had a duty to control, then you can sue. Here are some examples of burn injuries that are subject to lawsuits:

  • construction site accidents
  • vehicle accidents
  • fireworks accidents
  • kitchen accidents
  • scalding water
  • electric shock accidents
  • chemical burns

The case need not go to trial. The respondent may wish to settle out of court. If this happens, our Los Angeles burn injury lawyers will negotiate a settlement that is commensurate with all that you have suffered.