How the California Wildfires Affect Our Air Quality

So far California has had more than than 60 wildfires of various sizes. One of the worst consequences of these wildfires is the air quality. Noxious air from the thick smoke produced by wildfires can travel hundreds of miles from the source. Some government officials are calling for cities to build clean-air centers – safe-zones where residents can go to breathe clean air.

Carbon dioxide emissions are another major issue caused by California wildfires. It is a two-fold problem: the fires increase carbon dioxide emissions, while also damaging the forests that function to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air. All this carbon dioxide contributes to the increasing temperatures in the environment. These warmer temperatures facilitate more fires, which contribute to more climate warming, and the cycle continues.

According to NASA, weather patterns can also be disrupted by wildfires. Burning trees and other matter emit “brown particles” into the air. These particles can travel to upper levels of the atmosphere where they can wreak havoc with the sun, resulting in either cooler or warmer air. Thus wildfires can make the weather unpredictable.

With the ever increasing rate of California wildfires, it is a given that the weather and environment will continue to be strongly impacted. In the long-run this impact could be catastrophic. The long-term effects of wildfires locally and globally have yet to be fully realized.

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