How the California Wildfires Affect Our Air Quality

So far California has had more than than 60 wildfires of various sizes. One of the worst consequences of these wildfires is the air quality. Noxious air from the thick smoke produced by wildfires can travel hundreds of miles from the source. Some government officials are calling for cities to build clean-air centers – safe-zones where residents […]

How to File a California Fire Insurance Claim

Filing a file insurance claim is a detailed process that requires the homeowner or renter to evaluate all losses. Insurance claims adjusters also regularly look for details that could result in the company making a minimal offer to settle a claim, which is actually a practice that occurs whether the fire is an isolated incident […]

How to Win Your California Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Many insurance companies have strict guidelines they follow when processing claims, and many times the claim evaluation protocol skirts legalities regarding good faith claim negotiating. They are all focused on details when it comes to inspecting the injury claim and the incident leading to causation, as duly investigating a claim is a legal requirement and […]

California Roof Insurance Claim Denied? Here is What to Do Next

Handling the Denial of a Homeowners Insurance Claim in California There are many natural disasters that can cause damage to the roof of someone’s house. This damage can be expensive to repair, so most homeowners depend on their home insurance policy to cover the costs involved with such damage. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for […]