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Brain Injury Attorney Los Angeles

A traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) can be devastating both to the person suffering from it as well as his or her family members. It can take a lifetime to recover, if recovery is even a possibility. These types of injuries effect not just one’s relationships but also one’s financial wellbeing. For that reason, it is often advisable to contact a brain injury attorney. Los Angeles firm Kitsinian Law is here to help.

Brain trauma has become much more a subject of public conversation than in the past. In the sports world, the effects of brain injury have become a hot topic of research, and rules in some sports are now being altered to try and minimize damage to the brain (which often come in the form of concussions). The military is also a common source of brain injury.

If you find yourself the caretaker for someone with brain injury, the world can be a lonely place. We advise that you use the Internet to make connections with others who are going through the same thing. One website that we suggest you check out is It is a social media site that is devoted to those who are dealing with brain injury. Through it, you can share your story with those who can best understand your plight – who have gone through the same thing. It helps mitigate the feeling of isolation you may feel when struggling through this difficult situation alone.

Brain injuries classified as “mild”, such as concussions, are often treated casually by doctors and others because there often is not much in the way of symptoms at first. But these injuries often have symptoms that can last more than a year. Research has also shown that suffering multiple mild TBI’s over time (such as through sports or military activity) has a cumulative effect. Symptoms of this type of brain trauma include headaches, loss of memory, disturbed sleep, feelings of irritability, and even depression / suicidal thoughts. These brain injury symptoms often do not appear until well after the initial causing event.

There are many caring, qualified doctors in this country who will handle the medical side of things. But there is another side to consider, which is receiving fair remuneration from brain injury caused by others. That is why you need a qualified brain injury attorney. Los Angeles personal injury firm Kitsinian Law is prepared to help you find justice.

Kitsinian Law specializes in cases involving injury caused by the negligence of others. Our Los Angeles brain injury lawyers will review your case to make the best determination if someone else can be legally held responsible. If we decide you do have a case, we will handle your case for no charge, taking our fees from awarded damages.

Every case is different. A mild brain injury can sometimes be difficult to prove. The attorney must prove that symptoms displayed by the victim are a result of the brain trauma, and that the brain trauma was caused by the actions of others.

Don’t suffer in silence. Get the compensation you deserve for brain trauma caused from the recklessness of others by working with qualified Los Angeles brain injury attorneys. Contact Kitsinian Law today and let us get started building a case for you.