Insurance Bad Faith Denial of Claim

patient in wheelchairHave You Been Denied an Insurance Claim?

What can you do when something catastrophic happens and your insurance company refuses to make good on their promise?

The lawyers at the Kitsinian Law Firm are skilled in representing individuals who have been denied insurance claims by their insurance companies. Our lawyers are tenacious and determined to get the best results on your behalf.

Insurance bad faith is a legal term that describes a suit an insured brings against an insurance company for denying a claim or postponing payment for an unreasonable amount of time. Under the law, insurance companies are supposed to operate fairly and in good faith with their policyholders.

However, the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies often deny responsibility to otherwise rightful claims. They will deny your claim for any number of reasons; excuses designed just to prevent you from recovering what is rightfully yours. Unless and until you hire an attorney, your insurance company could spend years giving you the run around to keep your money in their pockets. If you are having trouble with an insurance claim, call the Kitsinian Law Firm for a free consultation.

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